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Children’s Clothing 

Drop & Swap!


What a SUCCESSFUL event!

The KCC and I are overwhelmed by the kindness, the support, the volunteers and the motivation for more good things at the Kempton Community Center!

A rough estimate would be 50-60 adults and 20-30 children who came in and found items that they needed. Some ate breakfast and lunch, some bough baked goods and donated to the Snyder Family. some became MEMBERS!. 

BUT best of all, were the smiles and appreciation as they walked out with their goods.

Events like this one is what a community center is for; building up and supporting our community. 

So consider becoming a member. Help us keep having events that show our kids what a real community is. Make our grandparents proud. And as adults, have fun and watch our children have fun, laugh and learn from each other.

We are looking forward to seeing more people and making new friends.

The Kempton Community Center Board, volunteers and I, thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for coming and supporting this event and the Snyder Family.

Until next time,

Sheila and All at the KCC

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